Quick guide of QR code reader

How To Scan QR code or Bar code.

1.Downloading QR code reader app to your mobile phone is easy ,
   For Smart Phone : just click url <--- Click me.
   For Tablet or Large phone : just click url <--- Click me.
2.Place below Code inside viewfinder of app. The App support many type of QR code and Bar code , don't worry what type it is.

Bar Code
QR code

3. If the code recognized , the following action button will be showed . Include copy to Clipboard or browse the website ...etc.
Please note : any scanning result will be saved in the history , recall any result from history is easy.

4. Finish and Exit the app.


1.Why does the app require permissions for Gallery or Storage?

To scan QR code or Bar code from existing photo.

2. If the preview is not clear to see the Code , What should I do?

Change distance between the Code and Phone , The app will change focus to make it clearly.